Send Your Photos
Maybe the biggest cicada fly size world wide.
Strong TMC Bass hook for The Bush Cicada Fly
The design process sometimes ends up outside.
Working on fly designs in the field! Dedication!
Winter in the studio, not sure what design !
Lunch on the road and doing some design work.
Sleeping in a car, always somewhere for the vise.
Its always good,when there is no rain or wind!
3 weeks I worked on this park table designing.
I have an idea! where is the pen.
Some great fly tying material can be found.
Guiding season has finished the fly designs start.
The Rascal crease fly ,getting a uv coat.
Old on the road photo,old logo material.
One winter in the shop,being a geek
15years ago,this t-shirt was made for me.
The deadly Ant starts to take shape at camp in USA
More good road kill in New Orleans.
Some flies were painted for a calander.
On the road in montana, living in a rental car.
Deadly Cicada fly painting, 2009
Finishing touches to the Gimp Fly.
Chilling out at the make shift tying bench.
Was so glad to get to ba able to buy the origional
The whiote Gimp fly.
Using the door for shelter form the wind
Two pairs of jaws were worn out in two years .
Working on another wee crab design.
Tying up some Banana flies.
Flying camp lunch!
Working on a small mouth bass fly in northern Wisc
It started nice and neat!
Found a shelter to work under and camp.
Tyied this one in a motel unit ,florida keys.
I cold even spot fish from the vise.
Working on the Devastaor fly in a motel room ,Euro
Working on a carp fly design ,into the cold night
Lovley Marabou plumes of all colors.
You can always find Spam in the world.
Playing with natural insects, for design ideas.
A few Hoppers & Ants,in the bug box.
Got to keep going! fly design food!
The things I do ,for fly designs!
Got some inspiration from Keith Richards!
Some where in Wyoming usa
Winter in NZ
Working on the new Bush mouse/rat fly
Working on some Carp Cookie flies - Colarado usa
Playing with some Deadly blowfly flies.
Getting the hook to hang was key!
I waited 2 months to get this photo ,right.
This involved a 4 x4 ,lighting and a vision.
Dried up, pond northern Utha , Carping,- usa
I just loved the hole in the back ground!
New place to live and working with what I had.
Much more work than i thought,full of borer!
At last I found something for flytying.
Still working on this one since 2009
A nice strangers house for the night on the road
Black skies ,may mean back to the tent to work.
Fly Tying inspiration or views!
Sometimes you have to use what you find.
Somewhere in Nevada
Something big in the vise , for small fish!
I was waiting for years on the right hook to come
Is that a wig!!
Dark nights ,tea,hooks and a vise ,NZ
What next, m,mmm
Outside yellowstone ,matching the hatch.
When you know you are a Geek!
One monh into my travel, I had this in the car!
A bit of rain fell in the camp.
My brain goes even on a flight to New Caladonia
The Devastator fly starts life in my mind then pap
Found this cool bike in Dehli- India on a fishing
During rainstorms on an island in Thailand.
Camping beside the yellowstone river
Back to basics,northen India found yak etc fly ma
Taking fly photos, hundreds of hours spent.
Back yard fly tying , teaching.
I just cant help myself in another fly shop,
You would think I have enough fly tying material!
The famous gold international fly tying medal!
Got this sign back to NZ in my backpack.
Hours are spent playing behind the lens.
I start my fly travels with nothing,Then!!
Outside tying between guiding trips - northern Aus
Having fun buying more flytying material,overseas
Evening at the river,watching beavers swim.
Every day the tying mess grows when designing.
flytying demo usa 2007
Usa fly fishing fair- tying demo, nervous!
The Ninja nymph , like many was designed outside.
The love of rusty fence wire
Adult Dragonfly
I miss the custom fly shop motorbike
Weeks in the dark room!
There is always something needed.
Somedays you have to take the vise.
You got have some fun out there.
Good NZ fly tying material , FREE!
Staying in a old fishing hut in western America
Big stuff! can also be fun.
Alex having fun with all the material
8 years of waiting to get this fly right.
I love when new materials come out .
Taking fly tying to a Kiwi direction of art.
A flock of sheep flies- a world first!
Out in the back yard, with camera.
A wee sign ! Found on my travels
some new big tools arrived,for inspiration.
Playing at the vise, mmm what have I got going?
trout and sheep in the same field.
What art fly will be next?
Big surface frog,just finished being designed.
Sitting in front of the vise,gets the blood flowin
Weeks locked away creating some visions
I nearly ran out of materials before i got it righ
THE WEE RASCAL FLY, comes together.
Trig's ,not too amused.
One of the first, though still not right! bugger.
Working at night ,beside the fish and insects
Living off the basics and enjoying life.
Finding a place in the world, to perfect The Dead
Its always packed.
Carp flies being worked on.
Sometimes the force! keeps you going.
Big fish swim past the camper sometimes.
F&G magazine article.
Trying to get the shot.
flytying fun in the SAGE fly rod R&D offices usa.
BC in Canada at a Largemouth remote Bass lake
Even the SAGE fly rod /reel guys get creative -FOA
No wonder - sore back
Cant help myself :)
" SKULLS & BASTARDS "a faveorite shot
Chew that fly ,that was not the plan.
No dog and yes the fly!
The man who started my Fly & Fish fever.
Not a recent start up company!
Stu's fly tying gold medal
"Dog fly love"
"Waiting "
Some of the fly collection has been painted.
You have to be up early to find and get this shot
"Rats "
Sure there is room.
"The ZONE"
"what are you doing"
Representing Soutland New zealand in fly tying, u
"the medal"
A new fly testing toy arrives.
The tank ,great stuff ,time to play.
"are you sure"
end of the season.
a size 18
"what next"
"Natural pose"