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Grub Club
Free!Fun and for your collection. Your own cert.
A Mataura willow gruber.
Even big trout will sometimes come up for grubs.
A happy grub club member.
It was not easy!
They sit in the surface at the start.
To the surface for a banana.
Its a proud moment every time.
They love them.
You can tell a grub club member.
Big fellow fooled, with a Banana
You can still have fun with a Banana fly
The grubs are spreading!
Sneaking up to the willows with a Banana Fly on.
After a few near hook ups,He joined the club:)
Clients return each year to go grubbing.
Happy grubbing.
Use fine tippet as well.
Oh! yeh!
A pretty cool NZ t-shirt
A banana in the finger!
Would be good if the fly was in the water !Guys! :
Try and join the grub club , its fun.
One of six caught within 30min.
Two fly rig.Deadly Blowfly and Banana fly
Lying in wait.
A nice grubber.
Short casts with light ,short, fly rods.
One of my six fly boxes I carry when guiding.
Such a small fly ! super strong light hooks.
willow grubbing brown trout
The place where it all happens.
Trout just love them.
The home of the grubs
The Origional - It cracked the willow grub code.
Another brown fooled on Stu's Banana fly.
Grub club member Gerry - having a rest.
Stalking willow grubing brown trout
Two colors - Stu's Banana fly comes in.
Its grub club cap/hat tradition.
Welcome to the Grub Club, Mike!
Hunting the surface for grubs.
Years of observation filming & photos.
Here he comes.
Hunting for willow grubs!
Every Year it happens.
They fall into the water.
Grubing amongst the willows.
Amongst the willows
Beautiful big trout on the wee Banana fly.
Love of the grub.
The best strong hooks for all NZ flies.
Summer grubbing in clear water.
Slow but quick trout take grubs off the surface.
Late April grubing trout & new member.
You can't say god save the Queen!
The proof - welcome to the Grub Club, Mark.