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Rubber Lips
Deadly crayfly in action.
Another crayfish design ,i was and still am workin
Is it a whale!
Go the gimpfly!
Monsters of the flats,golden bones of the usa
Its not easy shooting underwater shots.
Some reading material for a few nights in the hut.
Funny looking scale!
The carp the locals could not catch!
Cant resist big lips!
Two books I bought years before I hooked any .
swap area in the middle of the usa, loved the t-s
I was estatic after weeks of searching,I found thi
It was getting late!
After 4 days of driving across the usa , I found i
It pumps the blood when you see a cruiser.
Got him on the good old Black Gimp Fly, pumped!
Off , back to the saftey of deep water.
Might as well join them , it was hot!
She was a big one, two days of stalking.
The lips that will suck a fly in. Providing you tr
Feel the power!
Sure thats a yelow scale!
One very big piggy of a Mirror carp,Gimp Fly again
Spotting and casting from a high bank.
I,m some 60ft + away up a banking
These carp were hunting crays on the sand.
My saltwater Sage 9wgt reel and rod were smoking!
A Tarantino film- helped the Gimp fly get its nam
The drags nearly on full!
Sight fishing at its best.
Wait and eventually they will come.
By the old yellow logo ,it all stared many years
True Love!
Old Carp,somehow have it!
The weekend Carp hunt is about to start.
An old hut in NZ.
Carp sticky things!
Yellow carp
One sexy pig. The carp- not me :)
one hour of stalking, got results,mirror carp
What a carp hunting pose! Grip and Grin!
Pemit Shirt on !- Golden Permit stalking
Remote and beautiful camp site,awesome nights
American Angler Magazine January February 2014