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4 Paws
Camping out with clients and little four legs.
Yes sir!
Resting on the fly rod after a hard day on the riv
I,m not getting out!
Swamp monster!
I was ment to be fishing!
Fly Fishing New zealand with my mate.
The basket is over 80years old from my grampa.
I was getting bored at the vise, so !
Thank god for stones - islands in the river!
Superior floantants my owner has for sale!
A wee bit of water and mud- due a rest!
Not sure which one you like! this is my fave !
Amongst the flowers!
NZ Fly Fishing School - FlyLife Issue 75 #Autumn 2
Camping with Trigs on a mouse fly fishing expediti
Trigs ! Is off the wine and onto cheaper stuff!
Trigger out side the fly shop.
Trigs the lion in the grass!
First snow and a snow flake in the eye!
Alex from France and Trigs at the fly tying desk.
Winter and the best place to be! Seems to be no ro
Trigs on her first swim and like a fish she was !