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Grip & Grin
Stu's Size 14 Da Bomb fly working in Turangi.
Rainbow trout with stunning colors.
One happy client with a nice brown.
The Ladies are always very good at Fly Fishing.
King fish on the fly in NZ - Matt at it again
The rare Zebra trout of NZ !
Oreti big trout caught on a Deadly Ant size 12
Mouse trout caugh on a Ninja nymph by Matt
Mataura brown trout and Gerry
Big trout and a happy client
Santa catches one on a black water beetle.
Big brown ,caught on a willow grub fly-THE BANANA
Wild NZ Rainbow trout
French fly fisher in action.
Big wet flies can lure them out from the banks
A very big nz rainbow trout
John landed this wee rainbow trout on a killer nym
Some times its not about just catching fish.
Torsten on a multi day road trip gets to the back
Happy with a nice Mataura river brown.
Some dutch courage was needed for this wimp.
Cowboy flies are easy to see on the water and off!
This man has a new Fly Patch!
Caught on a Deadly brown nymph size 14.
Sight fishing NZ flats in the north island.
A pimped up Alien fly fisher.
OH YEH! Sexy pimped up photo.
One happy client.
A happy Snapper.
A happy lady and guide - taken many years ago.
For the love of Carp on a fly - Stu 2002 usa
A good brown caught on a black Deadly Cicada fly.
It must be love, pimped up fly fishing love photo
Client, Gerry with a small one!
A small backwater fish.
Mr. Muto very,very happy.
Kaos Cod with his first nz trout.
Lovley big westcoast brown trout.
Some fun in the sun , with the Deadly Ant Fly.
Lucas has fun with Stu's Superior Flies
From Norway with the love of fly fishing
Gus with a trout caught on a Killer nymph.
A smile from the backcountry
A whopper ,caught on a Stu's size 16 deadly nymph
Stu Fly fishing in a special place in India 2002
Graeme Reid with a Banana fly caught trout.
Aliens can fish "says Jessie"
Dylan having fun again!
Not my big trout "a clients"
Nice Carp on the fly ,Dylan, Utha
A very big trout
A nice fatty!.
Another nice cicada trout.
A big trout from a big river!
Hot rod grey,size 14 fly action on the first cast.
A happy customer ,shows what a Deadly Ant can pull
The good old days,caught on a size 16 black killer
Deadly nymph size 14 black bead was the fly .
A size 8 deadly cicada ,worked a treat on this one
Matt happy with a nice spring creek trout on a siz
Somewhere in Europe Da bomb mayfly nymphs are wor
This is quite a big Archer fish caught on a protot
A wee dream it was to catch one of these fish.
Trigger fish one of the best flats fish, Christmas
Happy ! brown trout days.
Deadly black cicada action rainbow trout.
Little Dean with a Bone caught on a Stus sand shri
Jake with a nice rainbow on a Da Bomb nymph
The Superior flies cap Dylan wears, says it all.
A beautiful local brown caught on a Hot Rod Pogo