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Cool Fish
Two gold trout
Saratoga what a fish!
Stunning painting by Martin Simpson nz artist
Hungry trout - I call this one.
A wee sexy fin.
Rubber lips
The rare rusty fish on a gate in northen India
I travelled around with this fish for a few years.
I still have the old basket,now in the shop.
My first guiding cards , many years ago
dead fish and mayfly- I call this one
Curves of the nz brook trout.
Brook trout
This photo was allot of work to pull it off.
nice markings on this one.
"Trout barking" - on a tree in yellowstone park.
Fishing in India
Just love the markings.
Deadly Ant action in the usa
I struggled to catch one of these- I was stoked.
Anything fishy i just need to shoot.
On a wall in southern india.
This was so cool to see and go inside.
I love fly fishing for small beautiful trout.
Green - is what this ones called.
This was an awesome sight to see driving in.
There was fish everywhere!
A big Salmon?
Amazing little Bar very fishy.
testing some pike flies
Testing flies for Musky northern usa.
Working on fly designs for small mouth Bass one ye
Found this post box while tarpon fishing in florid
Small mouth camo.
Super strong fish , for there size.
Another small mouth ,solid power
Evening is when you have the river to yourself.
Out for a day with the Musky Country outfitters.
Found this in a fly shop in Florida usa.
A slightly big trout from a new zealand river.
A colorful rainbow ,fly testing in Utha.
A famous tarpon.
Deadly Hopper fly action.
The love of spots.
Fish just love the Deadly Ant.
Testing flies in Montana
Some size 18 killer midge fly action.
10lb nz rainbow trout south island small river.
Old fly design being tested ,huge rainbow trout
Gimp fly hanging from Mr rubber lips.
This was taken on my own ,with the tripod in the w
It was for years just a distant dream.
The power of Carp,even dead ones, draw me to them.
After days it happened.
Old red eye!
Even dead carp will take a fly.
On the wall of the camp in India." big Mahseer"
Southern india camp wall Mahseer photo.
Trophy brown caught on a Stu's DA CREEPER fly.
Mahseer scales.
It was hard to find a fly small enough.
Watching locals fish for food, you can learn.
Deadly cicada fly action.
Strong hooks for big fish on all your flies.
Never the same.
Neat spots.
On a wall in Nepal.
Above a house door. Found on my travels.
Gimp fly action .
India, not sure what the fish is though.
The Bullet .
Martin Aurstad (Norway) with a trophy trout, 2014
Cool Gold Brown.
Cool little bait fish.
The biggest brown trout in NZ ?
A rare New Zealand Tiger trout caught in a secret
what a trout painting.
Just a stunning conditioned colorful brown trout,