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After some good stream craft lessons,fun was had.
A nice Mataura trout.
The Killer nymph does it again.
Remote fly fishing.
Just another great day on the river
Two friends, enjoying the day.
Oh ! what fun this man is having.
Stalking wary brown trout.
Fun and Laughs , returning clients for 11 years.
Rainbow Trout love.
"Got it at last"
The last brown trout of the day.
"the fishermans kiss"
Another one to the net.
First brown trout of the day.
Not again!
Spring creeks.
Gin clear water.
The start of another day on the river.
"where is the guide"
up up ! and away for the day.
At last we got the big fellow.
Best mates.
The river from above.
soon we are off for the day.
Caught on the wee Banana fly
This is fly fishing.
The amazing waters.
Willow grub club member at last.
Strong hooks are needed.
The Tartan cap does it again.
fish on!
The size 18 killer nymph works a treat.
Size does not matter.
Stu only use the best fly hooks, for this reason.
Amazing fly fishing in New Zealand
A river for everyone.
There is always a chance of a big trout on campout
number three.
No way! another one.
Bionc green beetle action.
size16 grey deadly nymph fooled this one.
father and son out for a few days of fly fishing.
After a good day .
Yes, another big one.
first nz rainbow trout.
A great birthday present.
moments with your family ,you never forget.
Small stream fun.
Stu's willow grub wee fly works again.
Big Jaw!
The day starts.
A nice spot on the river for lunch.
Another very happy couple and a sexy big trout.
Another Trophy trout for returning clients.
Stu's saltwater guiding ,my clients with a tuna
Backcontry with clients.
Another happy clients with his queenfish.
Another happy client.
The guiding equipment nothing but the best.
You will have fun even in the rain.
Day one.
Dadly Ant fly action.
Davids new fly rod breaks on day one of his trip.
Fun in Fiordland.
Spotting trout .
Sometimes you have to move quick with big trout.
Dadly mayfly spinner flies working yet again.
very small spring creeks all have trout!
Mayfly action
Powerful brown trout ,good hooks.
Clear water and rising trout all day sometimes.
small mayflies in April always hatch in Southland.
Hot Rod Parachute mayfly fly size 16 does it again
The hatches.
Gore township, mayfly madness
Lots of great river systems.
trout hunting.
Lovey brown victim to another Stu fly.
Dedicated clients!!! Awesome.
Fat healthy brown trout.
Go girl! onto a big brown trout.
A nice brown trout an a size 18 Banana fly.
A Whopper of a Brown trout on a Bionic Bug
One happy client with her biggest brown trout ever
Fly fishing lunch time.
A sandfly on the nose for Lady Di.
He got one at last .
Stealth trout hunting or sleeep!
Mick with a trophy brown trout, Mataura River.
Take it easy.
Backcountry sight fly fishing.
Gerry spots the brown trout.
He pulled it off!
Bend that rod!
He's a happy man today.
Yes ! true.
Just before lunch it came to the net.
One happy client drying his feet out at lunch, hoo
All done on his bum at lunch.
father gets one big brown.
Dad ! get that camera out ! "ok son"
A wee king pogo nymph size 18 ,fools this one.
The release of the big brown trout.
Another nice one to the net.
Quick run!
The fisher's pose.
Stu the guide and client both happy.
The joys!
Crank up the drag on that reel!
Keep the rod high.
The black water beetle ,fools another brown.
first NZ brown trout on the fly.
Small rivers can produce nice browns in Soutland
NZ fly fishing school - owned and run by Stu
A good day out.
Sight fly fishing the remote lakes of the area.
A size 12 Deadly Ant gives my client some good cha
Hooked up and running.
Remote areas are amazing to fish for a few days.
Casting lesson before going guiding.
Stu's World Famous Casting lessons.
fly fishing dreams come true in NZ
Small steams big brown trout!
Getting to the secret spots.
Best to have a casting lesson the day before.
Become better with Stu's help.
The mayfly hatches went all day, today.
It came up gently for a floating king pogo nymph.
Another one on and we have just started the day.
Tungsten blackbead Deadly nymph size 14 does the j
First fish of the day and a cracker.
mayfly fun!
Hooked into another big brown on a Hot Rod Parachu
A cracking fish and happy client again.
Get on your knees and cast for this big fish!
Gentle rises in a small river.
Dropped off in a remote area in NZ ,my client
Trev hooks into a nice big brown on a small stream
Fritz ,Stalking trout on a remote spring creek
Pax is on his thrid guided trip with me this year
Just married and holding a nice trout .
Gin clear water and the best fly fishing.
Sometimes to get to remote places we Heli.
Trigger helping take the slack out of the line.
We sometimes hire jet boats .
The places i will guide you, are stunning.
Hidden spring creeks you may visit with me.
Guiding you. I expect the best camo headwear.
A nice sized brown from a local wee river.
Another trophy trout by Gerry.
Its fun to watch to friends having fun.
It was a sunny day and the fish were hungry.
It says it all !
What a happy cute customer.
A happy man with a nice fat brown trout.
Clients getting ready for the day.
Happy Client with one of five big fish today.
We are now up a remote river.
Awesome views from the big bird.
The clients turned out ready for the day .
They come in all sizes in NZ.
Who has been eating all the pies?
Amazing river systems we can go to.
One happy Dad .
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Dad gets it in the net first time for his son.
Seven days of fun fly fishing.
The campfire by the river.
Old NZ fly fishing sign
Another photo for the memory.
Dreams come true.
Sometimes the clients have a wee comp.
Smile, it is a nice brown.
History many years ago.
The clicker,how many fish today!
pimped up photo.
My mentor.
Beautiful surroundings in New New Zealand.
another river another day!
8lb trout on.
black and white
The fun never ends.
Number 4 and still 4 hours to go.
April mayfly feeding brown trout on.
Fat !
A nice wee rainbow trout
Hooked up again!