Stu's Story

Video - 2012 short film telling the story of Stu’s Superior Fly designs

Video - Stu’s Willow Grub has been featured in the Gin-Clear film “Hatch”

Video - Stu’s Fly Shop has been featured in Gambit Stone’s film “The Waters Of Greenstone”

Video - 2013 Trout Diaries interview with Stu Tripney

1976 - At the age of 9, Stu won his first competition - Schoolboys Championship

1977 - At the age of 10, Stu won the Schoolboys Championship for the 2nd year in a row

1978 - At the age of 11, Stu won the Schoolboys Championship for the 3rd year in a row

1979 - At the age of 12, Stu won the Schoolboys Championship for the 4th time!

1981 - At the age of 14, Stu with more trophies won at another angling club

1982 - At the age of 15, Stu became Junior Fishing Champion in Queenzieburn

1983 - At the age of 16, Stu with his biggest ever caught Scottish wild brown trout

1985 - Fishing in Scotland article by old fishing/poaching friend

1988 - Stu travelled, studied and worked throughout the world as a safari driver in Africa, spin and fly fishing - photo with Talapia

1990 - Stu registered his first fishing company in Uganda - “Uganda Sportfishing Safaris Limited”

1991 - Some of Stu’s flies have been featured in the USA Fly Tying book “Fly Patterns: Tie Thousands Of Flies” by Randall & Mary Kaufman

2001 - Stu’s NZ Guided Fly Fishing adventures began - Born To Fish

2002 - Queenstown Fly Fishing School

2004 - Stu became a Royalty Fly Tier for the Umqua Feather Merchants fly tying pro team who produced 17 of Stu’s fly designs. Stu had no control over his designs so he dropped out of the program.

2005 - Stu became a Royalty Fly Tier and member of Rainy USA fly tying program. He was the first fly tier outside of America ever to sign a contract by a large American fly tying company.

2005 - Stu was commissioned to design and tie flies by an Auckland Real Estate company for the promotion for the selling of some NZ prime real estate life style properties. The fly designed and tied was called the Bendemeer Beauty.

2006 - Stu won the 1st gold medal for fly tying in Australasia – the People’s Choice Award in an international fly tying competition with his fly the Bionic Bug

2006 - Stu’s fly designs are featured in the book NZ best trout flies - 6 pages of flies

2006 - Stu became a certified IFFF Fly Casting Instructor

2006- Grub Club started

2007 - Stu released his cutting edge fly tying film, A Foam Odyssey

2007 - 'High flyer born to fish in NZ' - Southland Express, Oct 11, 2007

2007 - Stu went to the USA and became the 1st FFF certified master fly casting instructor in Australasia

2007 - Stu with the legend and inspiration Mel Krieger and other FFF Masters

2007 - Stu represented NZ Southland as a guest fly tier at the 22nd FFF conclave in Livingston, Montana, USA

2007 - Fly-fisherman Stu masters his goals Otago Daily Times

2007 - Rise Article in Trout Fisher magazine, August 2007

2008 - Article by Rob Sloane from FlyLife

2008 - Article in NewsLink Oct 2, 2008

2008 - Article In Troutfisher, February/March 2008 'Chasing your dreams or goals'

2009 - The Complete Flyfisherman - article about Stu bringing the foam back into the world of fly tying

2009 - Stu as a saltwater guide in Northern Australia, Cape York

2010 - Front cover of Flyfisher magazine, flies and article

2010 - Article 'Flash Flies' in 'Be Guided' Winter 2010 issue

2010 - The Southland Times article, Oct 29, 2010 'The Artistry of Fly-tying'

2010 - The Waters Of Greenstone featuring Stu

2010 - New York Times featuring Stu fishing the Mataura river - Jan 31, 2010

2010 - FlyLife Article, Autumn 2010 'Review - Stu's Superior Flies'

2011 - Flyfishing & Tying Journal, Fall 2011 – 'Neutral Buoyancy Nymphs' article

2011 - Stu’s fly designs are featured in the top selling fly fishing book The Trout Diaries

2011 - Stu’s flies were painted for the month October in the NZ fly fishing calendar

2011 - The Complete Fly Fisherman, Nov 2011 - Stu appeared besides well-known other fly fishing legends, authors and industry players e.g. Lefty Kreh

2011 - Election newspaper article, The Southland Times, Nov 2, 2011

2011 - SAGE advert featuring Stu's Fly Shop

2012 - Stu’s saltwater crab fly got a mention in The Western Australia Fishing Magazine Nov/Dec 2012, Issue 6

2012 - Stu was interviewed and filmed for the Willow Grub section of the award winning Fly Fishing Film 'Hatch'

2012 - Trout Fisherman article 'Foam? Subtle? Some mistake surely...'

2012 - 'The Essence Of Fly Casting', Derek Grzelewski

2012 - Article in Fliegenfischen (Germany’s biggest fly fishing magazine), Issue 1/13, Dec, 2012

2013 - FlyLife Magazine Article 'Shop Locally'

2012 - FlyLife Advert, Edition 69, Spring 2012

2013 - Front Cover of NZ Trout Fisher magazine, Feb/March 2013

2013 - Stu’s advertising and cutting edge marketing campaigns inspired professional Australian photographer Jesse Whyte

2013 - Some of Stu’s Superior Flies have been painted by Wanaka artist Stella Eve Senior for the NZ Trout Bohemia book

2013 - Stu's Fly Shop is listed at

2014 - Stu is featured at 'Around The Mountains'

2014 - 'Fisherman Content in His Niche', Otago Daily Times

2014 - FlyLife Advert, Edition 75, Autumn 2014

2014 - Stonefly Magazine Advert

2014 - Trout Unlimited Advert, Summer 2014

2014 - Stu's Fly Shop and New Zealand Fly Fishing School are listed at

2014 - Field & Stream Review by Kirk Deeter, July 2014

2014 - Stu fly tying at Sage factory usa

2015 - Field and Stream Blog Q & A with Stu on the NZ Mouse 'Hatch'

2015 - TROUT Spring 2015 article

2015 - The Last Word in Denizen Magazine

2015 - Drake Fly Fishing magazine story

2015 - NZ fly school buys land

2015 - Australian fly fishing club talks

2015 - World's first trout truck

2015 - Trigger joins the team

2015 - Stu's book vision's

2016 - Stu's adventures, so many .

2017 - Stu's world famous fly shop - closes its doors

2017 - Stu starts on the new, NZ Fly School building and fish tank home

2018 - To the Jungle.

2018- The fly school /house takes shape

2018 - NZ Fly School, creative area & home is complete

2019- Trout Diaries books & Stu

2019 - Stu visits Nepal & India yet again - Two books

2019 - NZ fly fishing school, Stu opens new building and casting area.

2019 - Queenstown Writers Festial- Stu gives book talk

2020 - NZ fly fishing school History - 18 + years

2020 - Stu & fly fishing history

2020 - Jungle Blues book nearly finished

2020 - JUNGLE BLUES BOOK - Crowd funding launch

2020 -The Best Fly Fishing Book in Years - FROM ANGLING TRADE MAGAZINE

2020 - Jungle Blues vol-3 - book reviews

2020 - Jungle Blues vol-3 - book reviews

The first print review in New Zealand of Jungle Blues - Humbling review.


I am not much of a fly fisher, but after reading Jungle Blues, I was not only greatly entertained, but tempted to wade back into it." -

Grant Dixon Managing editor, New Zealand Fishing News 19/08/2020

Jungle Blues,
An uninhibited, humorous and entertaining read! Stu’s journey through the jungles of Malaysia, will leave you with a sense of excitement, adventure and inspiration, with an insight into the psyche of an obsessed sport fisherman!

Phil Caira
Publisher Rod&Rifle New Zealand 23/08/2020

Hi Stu,
I downloaded the book, and as a fisherman I can say what a lifetime adventure you must of had, awesome. As a contributor on your Kickstarter I can’t wait to receive the actual books. I read Jungle Blues only putting it down once to Pee which I held off until my BackTeeth were Floating and had to go.

Just got your new book and already read first two chapters, brilliant!

Thanks too for the message inside the cover. Keep up the great work

Jim- NZ- august 2020

A great book! An exciting, romping read. Read it straight through in one sitting – to make sure there was nothing incriminating inside  A fresh sense of fishing travel writing I reckon. I hope it’s really damned successful, Stu, I’m looking forward to reading the next one in the library!
Paul Arden- sexyloops- 13/08/20/0

"Once in a while you get to read a book that is written by a truly inspired individual. One who is the consummate person for their passion in life. This is the case with Jungle Blues, by Stu Tripney.

As an avid fly-fisherman, I appreciate learning about the locations and unique species that Stu writes about.  I have never fished in the locations that he describes in this book, but honestly, I don't think I'd want to!  He's got a taste for adventure, and it comes through with all sorts of interesting and exciting stories.

Stu has a knack for writing in a truly honest and open style that lures you into reading the next page, and the next and the next...... I finished the book in 1 afternoon.  I was enthralled at the adventures and mis-adventures that he describes in his unique way and it's just so darned entertaining that I couldn't put it down.  

This book is not only for those who are fly-fishers at heart, as he delves into the personal side of life and describes some emotions and feelings that most of us on the planet feel at one time or another.  It's a great read for people who love an adventure story in exotic places as much as people who love to fly-fish. I feel that most people would enjoy this book.

This is in no way your average fly-fishing book.  It is much, much more.  I really enjoyed Jungle Blues and I am sure you will too.  5 stars from me!" Glen Tickler BC 4/8/2020
Hi Stu,
Just a note to say how much I enjoyed reading Jungle Blues! And to pass on my congratulations for getting it over the finish line – no small task! You left me full of appreciation for your efforts, well done!
It’s a great, easy read and captures those wonderful moments that true fishing tragics totally understand – the experiences, meeting people and the sheer wonder and beauty of the natural world. I often wonder whether other outdoor pursuits give the same degree of immersion and sense of joy that fishing does..
Take care you champion,
Brian Lawrence - Australia 03/08/2020

Hi Stu
Hope you are feeling better by far now. I finished Jungle Blues and enjoyed a lot of it. You can hold on reader and would like to read it more so you better finish your next volumes.
I think the passion comes so strongly out of it that it gives readers who are willing to find out theirs can have a boost for themselves.
Kare Lapen- Finland- 21/08/2020

My thoughts on Jungle Blues

What a refreshing view on flyfishing life

If you believe flyfishing is all about Tweed jackets, Cane rods and Silk lines then Jungle Blues will take you to a whole new way to look at fishing

The way Stu looks at travel and fishing is a real eye opener for a lot of us. Stu takes a good look at the travel destination through the back streets and the back blocks of Malaysia with a stunning way of looking at life with a different prospective. This book is a lot more than just a fishing story, it tells us of the conservation issues the country is facing, that in it’s self is well worth the time to read. Stu tells us of the culture and a way of life we all dream about.

The best for me is how Stu goes about targeting a new species, The research into fish habits and gaining local knowledge is a lesson to all of us who see flyfishing as being about more than just trout.

There is a bunch of stuff we can all learn from in his writing and the whole story is told as if you were sitting around a camp fire or a kitchen table in a remote location.

There are parts of this book that actually did make me laugh out loud while reading.

One of the most entertaining books l have read in a long time.

Hats off to Stu this is a good read that will leave you thinking of your next adventure, looking forward to Chasing Tigers

Well done

Niel Prycey - Victoria - Australia  23/08/2020